China - The Middle Kingdom 

Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou

The Great Wall at Badaling, China.

Welcome to my photo journal of my 2 week trip to China in November 2002.  Main highlights are Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou province.  You will see the dichotomy of China: rural and urban, rich and poor, east and west, imperial and communist.  

Enjoy, Stanley




Hong Kong
Beijing - The Northern Capital
Kaiping, Guangzhou

The Forbidden City

Yee Ancestral Village (a.k.a. Cow Shit Village)

Tiananmen Square

Yee Ancestral Home - The House That Jim Yee Built

The Temple of Heaven

7 Star Crags @ Zhaoqing, Guangzhou

The Summer Palace

The Great Wall at Badaling

Six Degrees of Kublai Khan

  2002 -2005 Stanley Yee